miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010


The worlds that the Argentinean artist Flor Echevarria crafts out of carefully applied, gentle and precise acrylic compositions are playful, lush, mysterious and intriguing. There’s a tactile, three-dimensional quality to her shiny, geometric still lifes, landscapes and nature scenes that evokes the shimmering surfaces of Henri Rousseau or Fernand Leger, though Echevarria’s color palette is practically Fauvist. Every element is saturated with color and texture. Embedded into most of her works are all manner of patterns, sequences and series – waves, flowers, rooftops, sun rays – giving many paintings a musical sense of cascading rhythms.
Often set amidst tropical islands, Echevarria’s works speak of distant travels, though the destination is never a clearly identifiable place, but more of a sensual experience. Bold colors leap off the canvas, evocative ocean views practically smell of sea mist, glowing orange suns radiate a warm glow out into the gallery, and plants and flowers seem to drip moisture out of the frame. Echevarria’s paintings take viewers on bountiful sensory journeys.